How To Clean Your Roller Blinds

Updated: Apr 7

How To Clean Your Roller Blinds
Real Blinds will give you the advice to clean your blinds

The Australian consumer law requires blinds to last 7 years. Although it can take as little as 1 year for stains, dust, squashed bugs and other marks to show up on your blinds. Luckily here is the article that will give you the process on the best way to clean your blinds, this can also save yourself from paying a company to clean your blinds.

1st STEP - Go over your blind with the brush head of a vacuum. Roll the blind as far down as you can, even if the blind rolls on itself on the floor. Start vacuuming the blind from left to right top to bottom until the entire blind is Vacuumed to remove dust and some dirt.

NOTE: Vacuuming the back of the blind is usually unnecessary unless the back of the blind is in a visual place, e.g. next to the front door where visible from the front door.

2nd Step - To remove stains or marks that vacuuming did not remove -> Mix a small cup or bowl with warm soapy water. This can be done with 320ml water / 5ml dish washing liquid or 950ml water / 15ml dish washing liquid, depending on how much you need to remove. Mix the solution together.

NOTE : Avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners that contain bleach as this can discolour the blind.

3rd STEP - Use the Water and Soap with a sponge or towel by submerging the sponge or towel until fully soaked. Wring out the sponge or towel until it has stopped dripping. Have the blind fully rolled down. Wipe the blind from left to right top to bottom. Once you have done the whole blind go back to each areas which contains the stains or marks and spend extra time wiping these left to right (with the grooves of the blind).

NOTE: If water starts dripping down the blind use a dry cloth or towel to wipe this up before it drips into the base rail or leaks onto the floor.

4th STEP - Use a dry sponge or towel to wipe over the whole blind until it is fully dry.

These methods are proven to work with most roller blind materials. At Real Blinds we offer a roller blind material superior to most, which you can use exit mould, spray and wipe and in some cases even light gumption to clean stains. For further details on this or cleaning blinds visit our website or give us a call.

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