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Top 10 Cheapest Temporary Window Covering Solutions You Didn't Know About

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Top 10 Temporary Blind Solutions - Cheap Window Covering Solutions

How To Get Temporary Window Coverings for free?

In need of blocking the light or getting privacy from your windows but waiting for blinds or curtains to be installed? Here is the ultimate list of cheap ways to cover windows while waiting for blinds and how to block out light from windows without curtains or blinds. This list is ranked in order from the most ideal solutions to some solutions thinking outside of the box. FYI did you know most blind companies quote 4-8 weeks to have your blinds made (sometimes overseas) and installed? At Real Blinds, we offer a 1-2 week supply & Installation, message me for a free measure and quote.

Here’s a link for a detailed guide to the art form of installing blinds like a professional and how to measure for blinds perfectly every time

If you are after cheap blinds that will last we have options for brand new cheap blinds starting from $50!

1. The Best Temporary Blinds

The most common temporary blinds are cellular pleated blinds. These are cheap items usually made of a paper-like material ranging from $5 to $50 each. They come in variations of light filtering for living areas or block out for bedrooms. These blinds are easy to cut down with a pair of household scissors to fit your window perfectly.

How To Cut Temporary Blinds · Pleated Blind Cut Down | Real Blinds

How to Install Temporary Blinds

Cellular pleated blinds have double-sided tape at the top, which removing the wax paper allows you to stick this inside your window frame on the top of the window. Undo the 2 pegs and unravel the blind to the desired position then lock this off with the 2 pegs.

How To Use Pleated Blinds With Pegs · Temporary Blinds | Real Blinds

Other temporary blinds include cheap spring-loaded roller blinds or variations of the cellular pleated blinds that come with some timber screws. These would have to be drilled into the timber or sometimes you can install them with simply just a Philips head screwdriver.

How To Install Cheap Blind Brackets | Real Blinds

2. How To Use Sheets, Blankets, or Towles for Blinds

Darker coloured sheets or towels, and even blankets can be more desired to block out the light. Make sure they cover most of the window if not the entire window. This technique is common and can be a very cheap and effective solution.

How To Install Sheets, Blankets, or Towles On Your Window

The most common way to hang sheets or towels is by pushpins or tacking nails. Tacking nails are preferable and used with a hammer to tap the nails vertically downwards on the very top of the external window frame. Pins should be applied the same way as this avoids any visible holes once removed. Note that pins won’t penetrate into some timbers and it’s a try and see how it goes thing. Sometimes you can shove the flat side of a sheet or towel behind the timber and wall of the window frame if there is a gap at the top.

How To Pin Sheets To The Top Of A Window Frame | Real Blinds

Tucking Sheets Or Towels Into A Window Frame | Real Blinds
How To Nail Blinds Into A Window Frame | Real Blinds

3. The Best Cheap Curtains to Buy

So custom-made curtains can cost a fortune, and on the other side of the spectrum, you have cheap temporary curtains which can sell for $5 to $50, with rods ranging from $3 to $40. Some of the best options of these are Ikea Curtains, Kmart Curtains, Spotlight Curtains & Freedom Curtains. The cheapest version of these includes stick-on brackets, which leave no holes in the timber or wall and can be cleaned off later.

How to install a Cheap Curtain

The stick-on brackets simply peel off the wax paper at the back and stick onto the wall in the desired location. Other cheap curtains come with traditional curtain brackets that require screws. It's sometimes easier to screw into the timber frame rather than gyprock or brickwork for a temporary curtain solution.

Cheap Curtain Installation · Readymade Curtains | Real Blinds

4. Using Cheap Roller Blinds or Used Roller Blinds for Your Windows

Cheap roller blinds can have material almost as thin as a sheet of paper, a headrail that is usually metal could be a cardboard roll, and these blinds can be a very affordable temporary solution for your blinds. The best place to find cheap roller blinds would be Bunnings Blinds, Ikea Blinds & Kmart Blinds, which block-outs vary from about $15 to $50. Whether you get cheap blinds or reuse old blinds make they are smaller than the required space if internally mounted, or if the blinds are overhanging you can still install into the timber frame to avoid installing into any gyprock or brickwork. If the blinds are much larger than the size of the window and window frame you will have no option but to cut the blind down or install this outside of the window frame, which can be tricky.

Installing Cheap or Used Blinds

Cheap roller blinds and used roller blinds will require brackets that require screwing. There is no stick-on option as pulling on the blind chain would cause the blind to fall off the wall. Using a drill or Philips head screwdriver you can install the blind with the screws provided.

Cheap Blinds · Used Blind With Gap | Real Blinds

Cheap Blinds · Used Blind With Gap | Real Blinds

Where to Buy Used Blinds & Advice on The Used Blind Market

Used blinds are most common on Facebook Market place. Be warned these items have no warranty, unless you are familiar with blinds may be missing parts, may have damage you can’t recognize like a broken mechanism, and many other risks. If you are looking to purchase used blinds as your main option to save money for your property with blinds this is a bad idea as the unforeseen costs, time, and headaches this would cause outweigh the benefit of getting new custom-made blinds. Also note if you are thinking of selling used blinds once they are out of their packaging, have a scuff or scratch (worthless), or are a custom-made size the price drops by about 95% of their original value. So, $200 to $300 RRP blinds become $50 when the package is open and $5-$10 without the original packaging and parts in their box.

5. Using News Paper or Cardboard to Cover A Window

Using newspaper may require a few layers to get a level of darkness required as light does shine through new paper. To apply these items, use blue painters’ tape. This tape is designed to be easy to remove and leave no sticky residue, which if you use regular masking tape or other tapes there is a risk of this occurring. Start at the top and tape on the timber frame from the inside. As you tape across or downwards tape the new pieces onto the existing paper and not onto the glass.

News Paper or Cardboard To Cover A Window | Real Blinds

6. Using Paintings or Furniture to Cover A Window

Using a Painting To Cover A Window | Real Blinds

If you choose to use a painting, put this into the window frame, with a few center meters from the edge of the window frame leaning towards the top of the window. Make sure this is not leaning on bare glass and is instead leaning onto the sides or top of the window frame. In some cases, it's best to be safe to avoid damaging your belongings and use something to further support the painting from falling. I wouldn’t recommend using a mirror as this sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

Another piece of furniture, which may be possible is if you are able to maneuver a shelving unit in Infront of a window. Some shelving units are not too hard for 2 people to move. Another uncommon way to cover a window is to flip a kitchen table vertically to block the view and light.

Any solutions using furniture are at your own risk and I bear no responsibility if anything is damaged.

Using A Bookshelf To Cover A Window

7. Using Clothes or Pillows to Cover A Window

Pillows can be leaned upon the window to take out a portion of the light. Using clothes can be a bit trickier as it depends on the window type itself, although using a combination of larger clothes (jackets, dresses, long pants, etc), pegs, and coat hangers you can usually find a creative solution to cover a larger portion of a window to help you get some sleep until blinds are being installed.

Using Clothes To Cover A Window | Real Blinds

8. Relocate to temporary room & Other Sleeping Solutions to Improve Sleep

Thinking outside the box for other solutions you could consider relocating your mattress to another room if the lack of window coverings is a major issue. Some areas you may be able to move to might be a walk-in wardrobe, study or media room, or room with no windows.

No BLind In A Window & Getting Good Sleep | Real Blinds

Location of bed within a room

Locating your bed to another part of the bedroom maybe allow you to sleep in that extra hour or two after the sun has risen.

Further sleeping solutions

Some of these solutions to help you adjust to a lack of window coverings would be:

- Going to bed earlier

- Making sure you are comfortable in bed and not hot or cold

- Taking sleeping remedies to make sure you get a deeper more replenishing sleep

- Using blindfolds

9. Window tinting

Applying tinting or a film is not a good solution for temporary window coverings as this will still allow light to come through the window. This is better suited if you are looking to protect flooring and furniture from the sun damaging them over time, or if you are looking for a longer-term privacy solution to stop people from being able to see in from the outside.

10. Outdoor solutions

A solution that is commonly looked over is finding a way to block the window from the outside. You may have some outdoor furniture or a privacy screen you can set up right outside of the window giving you privacy and darkness. Cheap awnings or cheap outdoor blinds are a bad idea, as this can still be quite expensive, not easy to install, and things can break if not done correctly.

Using A Privacy Screen To Darken A Window | Real Blinds


It’s quite common that you and most families will experience a time which they are waiting for blinds to be put in, which the painters have removed all the old blinds, and reinstalling these is not a practical idea. With this information, you can make a better-informed decision on the best temporary blind solution to suit you.

Did this article provide the help you needed for temporary blinds? Are there any solutions I forgot to mention or DIY ways that would be practical? Remember no need to wait for long periods of time for your blinds, when at Real Blinds our motto is Real Value Real Fast.

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