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The Best Way To Remove Any Blind | Easy Step By Step Guide

Want To Know How To Remove Blinds Just Like A Pro?

Do you have a blind or curtain you need to be removed from the wall? Want to know the correct technique to take this down and some time-saving ways to complete this task? Here is the first complete guide online that covers all types of blinds and how to remove them. Plus, how to patch holes and prep the surface for future blinds.

Interested in new blinds? Why not replace your old blinds with brand new ones? We offer affordable custom-made blinds with a massive 10-Year warranty. Our service would include removing the blinds for you, for windows we are installing new blinds into.

Here is some additional help if you need a temporary blind solution, otherwise if you want detailed guides on blind installation and how to measure for blinds, or how to clean a blind.


  1. How to remove roller blinds

  2. How to remove venetian blinds

  3. How to remove vertical blinds

  4. How to remove roman blinds

  5. How to remove curtains

  6. The Banana Technique

  7. How to patch holes

  8. How to prepare a surface

How To Remove Roller Blinds

1. Roll the blind all the way up - By pulling the correct side of the chain one will go up and one will do down. Much older styles of roller blinds are likely chain-less and are spring-loaded. For spring-loaded roller blinds grab the bottom of the blind and pull the blind slightly downwards to release the lock off and assist the blind, with your hand up, to the top of the roll till it’s fully rolled up.

Blind Rolling Up In Window | Real Blinds

2. Uninstall the safety latch – The child safety latch or chain tether is the plastic device that is locking the chain off onto the wall or window frame. To remove this simply use a drill or Philips head screwdriver. Unscrew any screws holding this on the wall and simply pull this off.

How To Remove Blind Safety Latch | Real Blinds

3. Remove the blind (depending on the type of blind)

(A) Removing blinds with a spring-loaded idler mechanism –

You will need a Philip head screwdriver to click out the idler. This idler is spring-loaded, with the spring pushing the pin outwards and into the bracket. This pin has a lip and a smaller diameter tip, which the tip is inserted into the bracket, and the main shaft of the pin is usually exposed. Put the flat head screwdriver in along the bracket and wedge this in-between the shaft and tip of the idler mechanism.

Removing A Spring Loaded Idler | Real Blinds

Once this is done use the flat head to pull back the pin and release the blind. Now to remove the blind pull the pin side out of the bracket. Then slightly lift the chain side mechanism to disengage it from the chain side bracket. Then pull the blind from the wall.

Removing A Roller Blinds Chain Side Bracket

Pro Tip- Faster way to remove spring-loaded idler blinds

If the idler has a lot of play (6-8mm) you can usually remove the blind simply by lifting the chain side mechanism and moving the blind towards the pin to disengage the chain side mechanism and pull the blind out. This technique is not that common as the idler usually doesn’t have this much play.

(B) Removing blinds with a winder idler mechanism –

This idler pin retracts in and out via a winding function. Using your fingers wind the idler counterclockwise to retract the pin so the blind can be removed. The chain side bracket for this blind is an inserted bracket so the blind will simply slide out sideways once the idler side has been taken out.

Different Blind Idler Types | Real Blinds

(C) How To Remove Luxaflex® blinds

Using a flat head screwdriver, go to the idler mechanism, put the screwdriver between the shaft and pin tip, and pull this out with the screwdriver.

Tilt the blind downwards and this will disengage from the chain mechanism.

Removing A Luxaflex Roller Blind | Real Blinds

To remove the chain mechanism put the flat head screwdriver at the bottom of the pin and flick this upwards to release the chain mechanism.

How To Remove A Luxaflex Roller Blind Shade

(D) Removing old roller blinds with a solid idler mechanism

Go to the idler side of the blind and lift upwards. The chain side will be using a similar bracket or an inserted bracket. So to remove the chain side move the blind sideways or lift the chain side of the blind up.

Removing An Old Roller Blind Bracket

4. Uninstall the roller blind bracketing by using a flat head or Philips head screwdriver or drill.

How To Remove A Roller Blind Bracket | Real Blinds

How to dispose of Roller Blinds

1. Roll the blind out and remove the base rail and head rail. These can sometimes slide out or peel off. If you need a faster technique, use scissors, and cut these off closely as possible to reduce the amount of material attached to the metal.

2. The metal put aside for metal recycling – this is usually aluminum and sometimes tin. The blind brackets and chains can be recycled if they are metal.

3. Roll the material back up so it’s a nice tight roll and fully rolled up.

4. Fold the material 1-4 times depending on how wide the blind is. With this folded material use your feet and the ground to compress this so the folds are compacted. Then using masking or packaging tape wrap this around the material. Finally, place the material in a bag or directly into a general waste bin.

Dispose Of Old Roller Blind Parts | Real Blinds

Save yourself the hassle of removing and disposing of roller blinds. I’m happy to do this for you, simply click this link here

How To Remove Venetian Blinds

1. Pull the blind up and lock the blind off.

2. Removing the Venetian pelmet - Using a flat head screwdriver detach the pelmet clips. Some styles of pelmets will remove simply by pulling the pelmet upwards and out. If all else fails, pull the pelmet off with force and this will break off the pelmet along with the pelmet clips.

Venetian Blind Pelmet Clips | Real Blinds

Venetian Blind Pull Up Slats | Real Blinds

3. Flick open the Venetian bracket – using a flat head screwdriver flick open the right side (right-handed people) or left side bracket. Push the flat head upwards and flick the bracket flap outwards.

How To Remove Venetian Blind Bracket

4. Using two hands holding the headrail slide the blind out of the bracket, then pull the blind out of the other bracket. If this step fails, check to see if any screws have been used to lock off the Venetian blind (if so remove the screw with a Philip head screwdriver or drill.

(image 15 gif of venetian blind being removed)

5. Uninstall the Venetian blind bracketing

How To Remove Venetian Blind Pelmet | Real Blinds

How to dispose of Venetian Blinds

1. Make sure the Venetian blind is fully pulled up and locked off.

2. Using scissors cut the strings that are coming out of the headrail. Also, cut the pull string and tilt strings and throw these straight into the general waste bin.

3. With these slats using masking tape or packaging tape wrap these slats up in 2 or 4 places.

How To Unscrew Venetian Blind Bracketing

4. The headrail can be put into metal recycling. [Note this next technique is at your own risk] Otherwise, if you need to dispose of this take this to a gutter and lean it up with half on the road and the other half pointing towards the footpath. Then in one fast motion stomp this into the gutter. This will allow you to fold the headrail in half to fit it into a bin. If you need to reduce the size further fold it up using this technique multiple times.

5. If you need to condense the slats you can use a drop saw to cut, just avoid cutting strings as these can pop and cause dangerous movement on the saw. You can use a hacksaw although the technique is time-consuming, awkward, and uses a lot of energy.

How To Dispose Of Venetian Blinds | Real Blinds

I can make all your old Venetian blinds vanish like it was magic. All you have to do is click the link below.

How to remove Vertical Blinds

1. Tilt the slats to the most open position so they are pointing towards the room and towards the window. Then open the stack so it is all bunched to one side (if it's stacked on both ends open or center down make sure the stacks are as open and stacked together as possible).

Open Vertical Blinds For Removal | Real Blinds

2. Remove the latch that is tethering the cords off the wall. To do this pop off the cover, which can usually be done by hand, otherwise, you may need to pry this open with a flat-head screwdriver.

Remove Vertical Blind Safety Latch | Real Blinds

Once this has been removed unscrew the latch with a Philips head screwdriver or drill.

3. Starting on the brackets that are carrying the least amount of weight, start disengaging the tracking. For example, if you have a right-hand stack, start with the far-left bracket first, then center bracket. Or if you have a both-side stack vertical, start with the center bracket then choose which side is most suitable to detach after this.

This is done by using your finger or a flat head screwdriver and pushing upwards the tab of the bracket and pulling the track downwards. Some tracks are locked in with a small screw, which can be removed with a Philip head screwdriver.

Vertical Blind Head Rail Clips | How To Remove

4. Make sure you are holding the blind before detaching the last bracket as you don’t want it to fall down, especially onto your head. Once the blind is down, set the blind onto the ground. Next is to unscrew the existing brackets with a screwdriver or a drill.

How To Remove A Vertical Blind | Real Blinds

How to dispose of Vertical Blinds

1. Firstly, you will need to remove the Panes. This can be done neatly by disengaging each slat one at a time from the holding clips on the headrail. The other way is to use force to rip the panes off from this, but keep in mind this will cause small plastic parts to scatter across the room.

2. Put the panes neatly together and fold these multiple times and use masking or packaging tape to keep them in a neat bundle, then put them straight into a bin or a bag, then a bin. (If the tape is not available simply put these folded panes into a bag and then bin).

How To Throw Vertical Blinds In The Rubbish

3. The headrail can be metal recycled or thrown away at a council clean-up.

Pro Tip- How to fold metal headrails

This tip is at your own risk and I bear no responsibility if you choose to do this technique. To fold the headrail so it will fit into your bin, put the headrail in the gutter with half on the road and the other half hanging towards the gutter. Then in one fast motion stomp on the middle of the rail into the gutter. This will allow you to fold in half. You can do this in multiple places allowing you to fold to a size that will fit into most bins. Example a 2.4 meter rail folded in 3 places becomes 60cm in length

How To Stomp A Blind Or Curtain Track In The Gutter

How to remove Roman Blinds

There are different types of roman blinds, and these techniques should cover most types of Roman blinds.

(A) Standard roman with cords – This is usually held on with right-angle brackets and screws screwing into the wall and screwing into a timber headrail of the Roman blind. To remove this simply remove the screws from the wall, just be cautious that the blind doesn’t drop off the wall or swing down and bump anything.

How To Remove A Roman Blind | Real Blinds

(B) Lock-off bracket roman type 1 – These are track-based Roman blinds and have a slightly different bracket, which I call a lock-off bracket. The most common type of this is one that has a front piece that sticks out above the bracket. To remove the blind, using your thumb, push backward this front piece and you will hear the blind release from the bracket. Then pull down first on the back of the blind and the blind will be fully detached from this bracket.

(C) Lock off bracket roman type 2 – Using a flat head screwdriver locate part of the bracket behind the headrail. Most of these brackets will have a tab sticking out which you can put a flat head behind and flick out. Once this is flicked outwards it will detach the blind.

How To Remove Roman Blind Bracketing

How to dispose of Roman Blinds

Firstly, try and fit this directly into a bin. If this won't fit or you have too many blinds then continue with this technique.

1. Roll the roman blind up, like a roller blind, so it's in a tubular shape and tight as possible, then using masking tape or packaging tape, tape the blind up in multiple spots around the blind, leaving areas for the blind to be cut.

2. Using a hacksaw cut the blind into pieces about 20-40cm wide that will allow you to fit them into the bin. The tape will keep the blind in a form allowing you to cut through the material and timber or aluminum as easily as possible.

How To Throw A Roman Blind Into The Rubbish

How to remove all types of curtains

(A) Removing Cord Drawn Curtains or Pinch Pleat Curtains – Draw the curtains open, then using a stepping stool or ladder get up close to the curtains. You will see hooks that are hanging out of the gliders. Rotate these hooks out of the gliders one at a time, until the curtain has been removed.

How To Remove Curtain Hooks | Real Blinds

(B) Removing Tab Top Curtains or Eyelet Curtains – These types of curtains are locked off onto the rod, by the lock-off screw on the curtain brackets. This can usually be hidden behind the curtain material. You may need to remove the finial at the end of the curtains, which will screw off with your hands. Then pull the curtain around away from the bracket to expose the lock-off screw. This lock-off screw is loosened with a short Philips head screwdriver or a stubby flat head screwdriver. Once all 3 lock-off screws have been loosened, this will allow you to pull the rod off with the curtains on. When on the ground you can slide the curtains off the rod.

How To Remove Curtain Bracketing

(C) S Fold Curtains – Draw the curtains open, then using a stepping stool or ladder get up close to the curtains. You will see hooks that are hanging out of the gliders. Rotate these hooks out of the gliders one at a time, until the curtain has been removed.

How To Remove S Fold Curtains | Real Blinds

How to remove curtain tracks

1. Disengage or screw off the curtain track first before removing the track. If you are planning on disposing of the curtain track you can skip this step.

2. Curtain tracks and brackets are usually attached to the wall with Philips head screws, which can simply be removed by using a Philips head screwdriver or a drill. For curtains with 3 brackets remove one of the side brackets, then remove the middle bracket. When you remove the center bracket slowly assist the side with no brackets to bend down towards the floor or vertically

How To Remove A Curtain Rod | Real Blinds

3. Remove the final side bracket. If this is done carefully this will leave no marks on the floor or ceiling.

How to dispose of curtains

If your curtains are in like new condition, you can sometimes donate these to your local charities or put them in the poor bin. Google this first to find out if they will accept curtains. For Curtains that are old or can’t be reused, they should go into the general waste bin. If the curtain is small this can go straight into the bin as is.

If you have multiple curtains, the best bet is to make the curtain into a tight ball and stuff this into a garbage bag.

If you have a large curtain that won’t fit into a bag, using scissors cut down the middle of the curtain so it's split into two pieces. Crush this into a ball and using masking tape or packaging tape, tape around this ball so the curtain keeps its tension and is as small as possible to help fit this into a garbage bag.

How To Throw Blinds Into The Bin

To dispose of curtain tracks or rods you can use the pro tip mentioned earlier in this blog that is regarding disposing of vertical blind tracks.

Need New Curtains? I got you and your windows covered

The ‘Banana Technique’ – the fastest way to remove a blind or curtain

This technique should only be used by experienced builders or blind installers as if not done correctly can risk breaking things, cutting yourself, or doing damage to your walls.

The technique is used when you need to remove blinds fast. For a busy blind installer, this is a common thing, sometimes we may need to remove 30 blinds out of an entire unit block.

Only use this technique on roller blinds that have a 28mm or thinner headrail, or on roller blinds, vertical blind tracks or curtain tracks that are flimsy, or wall-to-wall installed blinds (no ceiling brackets), or if ceiling brackets wall plugged ceiling brackets you know you can patch, and aluminum Venetian blinds.

These blinds will be broken after this so make sure you intend to waste the blinds. I won’t be getting into deeper details about scenarios this works for or doesn’t work for.

To do this grab the blind with two hands in the very centre of the blind, and in one sudden jerk movement, pull the blind headrail downwards, whilst transferring the weight of your body through your hands and onto the blind (almost like you are doing a close grip chin up, but don’t let your feet move off the ground).

The sudden movement will cause the blind to fold in on itself, whilst at the same time will reduce the blind width and removing the mechanisms out from the bracketing. In the split second the blind will be detached, and you can put the blind onto the ground, pick up your drill and screw off the bracketing.

Banana Shaped Blinds To Remove Blinds Or Tracks

How to patch holes in the wall left by a curtain or blind

Most blind or curtain brackets will leave behind small holes, which can be an easy job to fix. For large holes and patching here is an article to help

You will need some multipurpose filler and fine grit sandpaper.

1. Firstly, remove any existing wall plugs, screws, nails, or gyprock anchors. To remove wall plugs, a tip is to screw a screw into the plug about halfway. Then using some pliers maneuver the wall plug out of the wall. For gyprock plugs simply use a Philips head screwdriver to screw this out of the gyprock. For nails use the claw of a hammer or pliers.

2. Wipe down the existing surface around the hole with a damp cloth or a wet wipe.

3. Once dry apply a good amount of filler into the hole itself. Then using the specular flatten the filler around the hole, starting from the center and working your way outwards, till you have a nice flat patch rubbed around the hole and onto the wall.

4. Wait till this filler has fully dried after about 6 hours. Then using the fine grit sandpaper, sand the filler so it’s nice and smooth. Once this has been sanded repeat the process again, by applying the filler once again and smoothing it out, then sanding. After this, you will be ready to paint.

How To Patch A Hole In The Wall | Real Blinds

How to prepare a surface for blinds – (including painting)

Once you have gone through and patched any existing holes, go through the rest of the area the blinds are going to be installed and check for dust, mold, spider webs, dirt, flaking paint, tacking nails, or anything else that may need to be repaired or removed.

It’s advised to spray the whole window area down with a spray and wipe and wipe until clean. Then using a Windex clean the inside of the window, where the blind is to be installed.

How To Prep An Area For Blinds | Real Blinds

If the area needs to be painted, proceed at this stage. Make sure you have painters’ tape, a paint roller, and quality brushes. Here are some details for painting

Some basic tips would be to paint on a dry day. Tape the areas you want to protect around the area to be painted, use a brush to cut in your edges, then use a roller from top to bottom.

Freshly Painted Area Ready For Blinds


Did you get the info you needed to remove your blind? Is there anything I missed in this article? Feel free to reach out in the comments with any feedback and I will be sure to answer you personally.

If you book a blind installation through Real Blinds we are experienced in removing old blinds for you and making the area look cleaner than it originally was and that’s before we put one of our amazing-looking blinds in, so feel free to contact me directly if you're interested in new blinds.

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