How To Hang S Fold Curtains | Real Blinds

Updated: Jun 30

Need to hang some S Fold Curtains to give you that perfect wave pattern?

I’m going to explain to you how to hang the curtains as effectively as possible, in the shortest amount of time.

We are going to focus on how to get your curtains hung and not the installation side of things. If you are interested in how to install an S Fold curtain track, we will have a blog coming soon on this. Also if you are looking to measure for blinds we have the ultimate guide to measuring for blinds.

Hanging your S Fold curtains is more tricky than hanging eyelet or hook based pleated curtains and I will explain the difference between the three methods after the step by step tutorial, but don’t let this put you off S Folds are the nicest looking modern style of curtain on the market today.

Also, I will reveal the best technique to get that perfect s fold wave pattern every time.

I have kept this guide as basic for you to understand as possible, however, if hanging an s fold seems a bit daunting, you can call me and I will personally walk you through the details, otherwise, if you purchase your s fold curtains from Real Blinds directly, we will hang your S Fold curtains as a part of our service.

Make sure your s fold curtain track has been installed correctly, it’s looking straight and is not wobbly, flimsy, or has any loose bracketing.

You will need a step ladder and the s fold gathering hooks.

It’s time to hang some curtains

Step #1: Get the exact amount of hooks required for each curtain

Observe your s fold curtain track and you will see all the curtain wave gliding pendants or simply called gliders. These are the track runners that are bound together with a string running through them.

First, determine what type of stack your curtains are and make sure you have the correct size(s) of the curtain(s).

If your curtain will be a left stack, right stack, drawing to the centre/both side stack, drawing from the centre/centre stack, has a free-floating curtain or a combination of these.

A free-floating curtain usually refers to an S Fold Curtain that is not locked off onto the track and can be put stacked away to either side of the tracking.

Treat each curtain independently when hooking and hanging. So now I want you to count how many gliders are in the curtain track only for the amount required to hang the s fold curtain.