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Get Better Insulation In Winter

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Get Better Insulation In Winter
Get Better Insulation In Winter

The last couple of days have been a bit chilly here in Sydney. Is your household ready to combat the cold winter nights? Here are 5 ways to better insulate your place to keep warm in the coldest of nights.

1. Use a draught stopper under doors or windows exposed to the outside. There are tons of DIY ways to make draught stoppers, or inexpensively you can buy one, from a plain grey tube foam design all the way to a cute sausage dog design.

2. Your home can lose heat through the floor, so simply laying a nice rug can make a difference to the temperature of a room.

3. During the day keep your blinds or curtains open on the North East, North and North West of your house. This is the direction during winter the sun rises and sets in Australia.

4. Check for draughts near your windows by using some burning incense. This will expose leaks around the window seal. Once you have detected any significant leaks you can use draught sealing tape, foam, bubble wrap or any other sealant to patch up the leak.

5. Installing roller blinds or curtains onto exposed windows. The issue with cold winter nights is the some of the heat that lands on the window is absorbed thus reducing the heat in the room cooling it down. With a window covering this effect is dramatically reduced keeping your room warmer for longer.

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