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Buy S Fold Curtains


You can add a touch of royalty to your home interior décor with just a piece of S fold curtains. There is no denying that your home interior is incomplete without the right choice of curtains and we know you are with us in this (maybe that's why you are here right now!). Trending in demand for ages, these S-shaped curtains are indeed an evergreen choice for interior décor. These S-Fold curtains are the epitome of beauty and elegance. At Real Blinds, we offer you 280 cm drop silver, charcoal, or stone S- Fold curtains that come with the hemming taps to adjust it according to your window’s height. Our high-quality curtains are unbeatable with their highly durable and aesthetically-pleasing design.

Custom Made S Fold Curtains Online

If you are planning to buy S-Fold curtains at the best price in Sydney, just give us a call and get the free measure and consultation with an unbeatable quote. Unable to find something that suits your style and taste? Don’t worry, your search ends at Real Blinds. With our lowest price guarantee, you can get the perfect S-Fold curtains made with high-quality material and customised to fit your home windows at an affordable price. You can expect a 100% customised solution with a quality product at Real Blinds.

What is an S fold curtain?

S-fold curtain is a modern style of the curtain where the fabric is achieved through the spacing of the carrier and the tape, this is widely popular for architects and designers.

How do you hang S-fold curtains?

These are the following steps:

Step 1 - Fit the wand with a pair of long-nose pliers open up the hook at the top of the wand.

Step 2 – Insert the hooks into the curtain heading tape with your s fold curtain and hang the curtain.

Do you need special tracks for S fold curtains?

S fold curtains require slightly different hardware and componentry to pleated curtain style, A track made to suit pleated curtains

Can you wash S-fold curtains?

Lightweight curtains can easily be machine washed after removing all hooks, rings, and trims before running a delicate cycle with gentle detergent.

How often should you vacuum curtains?

Drapes and curtains can be removed and deep cleaned by hand, machine, or taken to a professional cleaner as well once every three to six months.