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Custom Curtain Tracking

Custom Curtain Tracking


S Wave Curtain Track, custom made to fit perfectly. This is a high quality white track with gliders desgined to work in with all S Wave Curtain products. Starting at $50 per meter plus GST for pick up only excluding installation.


For installation service and for Prices Call 1300 215 388

  • Extra Details

    Q1- Whats the difference between S Wave & S fold?

    Answer- These terms are constanatly being used to describe the same thing. Basically speaking S fold and S wave is a track based curtain with the pendants in the track having a string holding the pendants apart at preceses intervals. Classical curtains like pinch pleats would have this string running through the head of hte curtain instead.

    In more technical terms S wave is hook based pendants and S fold is snap on button based pendants. All major retailers including ourselves sell the hook based as this is the most universal and easiest to deal with.


    Q2- Do S fold curtains need a special track?

    Answer- S fold curtains require slightly different hardware and component to pleated curtain style, theres are high chance you won’t be able to re-use your old tracking or rods.

    Q3- How can I get a custom-made curtain track?

    Answer- We can get your custom-made curtain track that will fit perfectly into the space you require. Made from high quality materials.

    Q3-  How can I book for installation service?

    Answer- Real Blinds provides you installation services for curtains and tracking, you can call to book installation service at 1300 215 388

    Q4- What would be the charges for the S fold curtain custom track?

    Answer- For a white track with a glider designed to work with all S fold curtains, it starts at $50 per meter plus GST for supply excluding installation.

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