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Doubles VS Singles - The Real Difference

Updated: May 30, 2022

Which is the best choice? Single roller blinds or double roller blinds?
Double Roller Blinds and Single Roller Blinds

As someone who is experienced in the blind industry if anyone asked me what blinds would i have in my house, the quickest answer would be doubles throughout. Here i will let you know the different kinds of roller blinds and the real difference doubles make compared to just single blinds.

Firstly roller blinds are a great choice compared to alot of other choices on the market. They roll up and disappear out of sight unlike other Double blinds which are always in your face. They are easier to clean as most of the material is kept vertical when down or roller away when up. They are less likely to break due to their design unlike some other types of blinds. They can look beautiful and give a nice finish to a room. It's safe to say there are many benefits to choosing roller blinds.

Types of Roller Blinds

Block Out Rollers - Common in Bedrooms and theatre rooms, they are the most affordable and common type of blind. 100% Block out also sometimes called Black out.

View Screen Rollers - Ideal for living area's to let in as much natural light as possible and still get the nice views outside. This blind is 80% as effective insulation wise compared to the Block Out Rollers. You can see out of it in the day time and get 100% privacy, however at night time this reverses. They are also referred to as day blinds or sheer rollers.

Light Filter Rollers - Perfect for living areas you want to keep natural light in, however have a privacy issue outside that requires 100% privacy. These blinds let light in however you can never see out and no one can see in.

Now the question is do i go with singles or doubles for my household?

Singles - Perfect for all households and less heavier on your pocket. With a mixture of View Screen or Light Filter in living room areas and Block Out Rollers in bedrooms you cant go wrong with the value for money. You will still get great use out of these blinds, so economically this is a good choice.

Doubles - Ideal for most households, these blinds have more functional use then just single roller blinds and look sensational. As the name indicates you are paying for twice the amount of blinds. With Double Rollers in a bedroom you can sleep with the Block Out Blind down at night time, then when you get up in the morning get changed with only the view screen blind down, allowing natural light into your room and having 100% privacy. Doubles are also good at turning a livingroom area in a theatre room, allowing you to make the TV area dark in the daytime to enhance viewing Netflix or Disney Plus.

If you wanted to add another level or wowness you could also motorise your rollers and add metal pelmets, which i will talk about in future blogs. For any questions to see if doubles are singles are right for you give us a call on 1300 215 388

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